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RIWI's 2020 U.S. Election Predictive Data Stream provides an accurate and continuous feed of citizen voting sentiment, updating in real-time every day from September 8, 2020 up to Election Day.

Access to RIWI’s proven real-time proprietary sentiment election prediction includes access to all collected data via our interactive dashboard and a weekly summary report on major trends.

Delivery options include our Election Predictive Data Stream and a Weekly Insights & Prediction Brief

2016 US Presidential Election Results

November 2018 US midterm election data



  • Reach diverse and unbiased voices anywhere and everywhere (in over 220 countries and territories)
  • Randomized methodology used by top international Universities and organizations


  • Always-on technology and real-time data delivery
  • Rapid data collection and scaling


  • No risk of data breach and ensures privacy compliance 
  • Secure online interactive dashboard

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“No one has ever attempted – much less successfully executed – broad-based sentiment tracking of this type before in the US labor market. With the COVID-19 pandemic being the fast-moving crisis that it is, I believe only RIWI’s technology could have produced the eye-opening results we achieved.”

- Daniel Alpert, Westwood Capital, August 2020

“On the Friday before the election, I received the strong data-based indication from RIWI that Mr. Donald Trump would be the next President. Despite the counter-signals of almost all the pollsters and pundits, RIWI data had it right. The RIWI signal continued to indicate a Trump win up to and including election night.”

 – Manny Weiss, Chairman of Marylebone Diversified LLP, London, November 2016

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