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RIWI has launched the The Global Pandemic Data Initiative

What does this mean for you? We provide real-time and accurate data and insights to tackle big problems around COVID-19 in every country in the world.

RIWI will co-invest and provide free access to our proprietary COVID data for qualified initiatives.


Why is this Important?

In a pandemic, accurate and real-time data is imperative to combat and get ahead of the virus. It is also critical to understand citizen fears, behaviors, and views on policy and societal changes. For businesses, understanding changes in consumer behavior and what your employees and shoppers need to feel safe can be the difference between success and failure.

We are witnessing many changes across sectors that might be long-lasting, or even permanent, such as the uptake of digital health. 

During COVID-19 we have been working to understand the impact of COVID-19 on people's health, on the economy, and on the consumer and small business. 

Get Started

If you are tackling or doing research in any of these areas, please get in touch:

  • Symptoms - from real random samples of the population
  • Mental Health - or what we have called “the anxiety of walking about” amid Covid-19
  • Economic/Business impact - we are widely recognized around the world for having predicted the true state of the US and UK economy prior to official jobs data being released
  • Citizen sentiment -  views, fears, opinions toward government policy and trust in local public health officials - which is often considered a critical lead indicator of success in combating any contagion
  • Consumer sentiment - habits, emerging preferences, and safety concerns - which consumer trends will be long-lasting and which are temporary? We are measuring this every day.

Is there something you are tackling that is not listed here? Ask us… we want to help

"Forward-looking data is the only way to accurately see how the pandemic is
spreading. Working with RIWI to design a custom survey instrument that pulled in individual sentiment data gave us granular, up-to-date information that could immediately be applied to better understand and mitigate the impact of COVID-19."

- Bryan Smith, CEO ThinkData Works

How it works

Closeup of hands of young woman photograper typing on laptop keyboard and using graphic tabletStep 1 - Get Started

Complete the form to let us know more about the COVID related initiative you are tackling

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Step 2 - Identify & Scope

Our experts will discuss your project with you and answer any questions about the RIWI Global Pandemic Initiative

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Step 3 - Execute

We will execute your project and provide free access to our proprietary COVID-19 data streams

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